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article imageIran announces it can make 'industrial grade nuclear energy' and has national Nuclear day and 'death to America protests'

By oinkysmith2     Apr 9, 2007 in World
Defiant president says country can make nuclear fuel on ‘industrial scale’
The Iranian President Mahmoud Adhmadinejad said Monday that Iran was now capable of making nuclear fuel on an 'industrial scale'. This expansion on their nuclear program the United Nations insists that they must halt. This announcements suggests that Iran has a larger number of centrifuges at its Natanz enrichment facility in Central Iran than was expected.
When Iran was asked if it had begun injecting uranium gas into their 3,000 centrifuges for enrichment they said "yes." Though, he gave no specific details. This mean that Iran, did, in fact install larger centrifuges after months of saying that had plans to. Up until this point it is only know that Iran has 328 centrifuges operating.
"With great honor, I declare that as of today our dear country has joined the nuclear club of nations and can produce nuclear fuel on an industrial scale," Ahmadinejad said.
Sean McCormack with the U.S. state department said "This is another signal that Iran is defying the international community." and “don’t believe Iran’s assurances that their (nuclear) program is peaceful in nature.” also he said “What we are looking for are reasonable Iranian leaders who view the cost-benefit calculation and see that it is not to the benefit of the Iranian people to continue to pursue the course on which they find themselves,”
Right now the U.N. has limited sanctions on Iran until it suspends nuclear enrichment which could be used on the basis of making a nuclear warhead. The U.S. and its allies accuse Iran of having the intent to make nuclear weapons but Iran denies the charge.
Iran has been consistently defying the sanctions. An Iranian state television station reported Monday that an Iranian Revolutionary guard who is banned from leaving the country has entered Russia without any problems. Part of the United Nations sanctions on Iran involve 15 individuals who are not allowed to leave the country. Iran is supposed to contact the United Nations before allowing those individuals to leave the country.
The United Nations security council will be making a new deadline in the end of May for Iran to hault its' nuclear program.
Iran has been flaunting that they are not fallowing the international communities guidelines by making comments like "The understanding regards assuring the other party about the peacefulness of Iran's nuclear activities," he said. "But we do not give in our rights."
Iran has even started a ‘National day of nuclear energy’ In Iran the government sent out millions of text messages to people and celebrated in schools. In one school over 200 students formed a human chain and chanted "death to America" and "death to Britain." while students burnt American and British flag's
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