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article imageDigital Journal: Then and Now

By Sarawanan Ravindran     Apr 10, 2007 in
Do you wonder how Digital Journal looked back in 1999? How Digital Journal was before User news? Then this post will show you the history of the site with tons of pictures.
Before DigitalJournal broke out as a user generated news site in the 'Web 2.0' generation, it was a regular news site with some specialty in the 'Digital World'. Now it is so much more and with a website called the WayBackMachine we can go into the past and see how Digital Journal used to look like and what it was.
The earliest traces of the site date back to Nov 27, 1999. And surprisingly Digital Journal's slogan was 'THE VOICE OF INTERNET USERS EVERYWHERE', which would even make sense in the current form of Digital Journal.
And then in 2000 the site went through a redesign and the new slogan became: 'Creative Net for Creative Minds'. The slogan would still work with the new Digital Journal for citizen journalism.
In 2001, Digital Journal got another little redesign with a new slogan to go with the site. The new slogan for the site was 'Digital Culture for Creative Minds', this one is a little less suitable for the site in it's current composition but it would still have worked.
Another Redesign with same slogan. This design apparently lasted for 3 years.
Early 2006
I would expect that this was the last form of the site before it evolved to a user-generated news site. This was for some reason the last recorded information regarding Digital Journal.
And now (2007):
With the inclusion of 'Web 2.0' features and user news. And a new slogan 'Good Find'.
I only wish that there were a tool which would allow me to see how Digital Journal will look in the future. It's truly going to be amazing to see how this site matures and grows into something big, I can only imagine the features we will see by this time next year.
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