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Farmers use Coke, Pepsi as Pesticides

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 9, 2007 in World
Farmers use Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola as fertilizers in India
Farmers in India use Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola as pesticides. In India Fertilizers seems is very expensive, and since some of the poor Farmers cannot afford it, they are using Coke and Pepsi to fertilize their farm.
The regular fertilizers cost $20 to $30 to spray the field, where Coca Cola or Pepsi cost $6 to $8 to spray the same field. One Indian Farmer said, before they used to spray expensive pesticides and some one told them that Coca Cola or Pepsi contained pesticides, so they started using and found the plants grow real well with them. Coca Cola and Pepsi were in a recent controversy that their Colas contained pesticide, which was found in the water they were using it from.
A study done by Science and Environment Research Center tested the Colas samples to find the Pesticide content and found it contained 11.85 Parts per billion of Pesticide, 24 times higher than previously agreed with the Government. This is the second time in 3 years both Pepsi and Coca Cola have violated with high Pesticide content in their drinks.
The news reporter says in the the farmer may be either protesting or it may be true.
Hopefully they will find out more, we don't want fruits and vegetables spiked by cola drinks. Hope the India Government intervenes and finds the bottom of this and help the farmers.
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