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World's Fastest Bicycle!

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 8, 2007 in Sports
Bicyclists are trying to break the speed record of Sam Whittingham, who holds the world record speed of 81 mph.

Here's another video of the speed bike
This is a video clip of the finish of the Nissan One Hour Challenge, in which Fast Freddie Markham, Olympic cyclist, riding a bicycle of his own design, achieves record speed of over 60 miles per hour.
The current speed is held by Sam Whittingham, a Canadian who set the world record, 81 mph in a streamlined bike called Varna Diablo 11. In this he rides the bicycle by lying down like in a bath tub and pedalling the bicycle inside this streamlined vehicle. It was designed by Bulgarian émigré George Georgiev.
Varna Diablo 11.
He designed it without any help of the computer, he was trained as a sculptor, not an engineer. The engineers tested this bicycle and found it had high aerodynamic efficiency.
So riders are working on similar such designs as shown in the video and want to exceed that speed record. Here is another article who are trying to beat this record in October of this years, when the wind speeds are ideal for conducting such tests.
It is amazing they are able to achieve such high speeds in a bicycle.
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