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article imageTai Chi to a Better Immune System

By Samantha A. Torrence     Apr 8, 2007 in Health
The ancient martial art of Tai Chi is beneficial to the immune system, it also promotes health and longevity.
Tai Chi is a slow and fluid martial art. Unlike the high impact versions, Tai Chi focuses on controlled slow movements to build balance, concentration and strength. Each form learned can also apply to basic self defense. A recent study has surfaced which announces that Tai Chi can also boost the immune system and fight off shingles.
The study done by Dr. Michael Irwin of the University of California, Los Angeles.
The UCLA study involved 112 healthy adults, ages 59 to 86, who have had previous cases of chickenpox.
Half of them took tai chi classes three times a week for three months and the rest attended health education classes where they were taught good diet habits and stress management. Then both groups were vaccinated with a chickenpox vaccine. Researchers took periodic blood tests before and after vaccination to determine their level of immunity against shingles.
After six months, the tai chi group had nearly twice the level of immunity against shingles than the education group.
Shingles is a highly painful ailment caused by a virus similar to the chicken pox virus, some say the same one in fact. Viruses never leave your system but can stay dormant for many years. Some childhood suffers of the chicken pox develop shingles when they reach 50 years old. Every year around 1 million people suffer from Shingles.
For those who practice this ancient martial art, this announcement comes as no surprise. Many practitioners are living proof that Tai Chi can promote health, balance spiritually, mentally, and physically, longevity, and youth. The reason for the success of Tai Chi is because of the focus and breathing involved with each form and session. Not only does it have many benefits but it is not as taxing on the body. The elderly, and soft of spirit are attracted to Tai Chi.
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