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4 rescued after boat goes over 150-foot dam

By Brandigal (Donna)     Apr 7, 2007 in Environment
A boat carrying four people, including two boys ages 6 and 7, went over a 150-foot dam on the Colorado River and became wedged near the bottom.
A boat carrying 4 people went over a 150 foot dam on the Colorado River.
Two boys, 6 and 7, were in the boat when it went over. The two young boys were rescued first by the helicopter and then the two men were rescued.
Two people were airlifted to a hospital when they were rescued on Friday. One of the two was a child.
Helicopter rescue
Helicopter rescue
The boat became submerged into whitewater speed rapids when it went over the falls.
It is not known if their engine died or if they lost their steering.
Coast Guard spokesman Adam Eggers said. "If your engine dies, there's no way to stop yourself from going over the dam.""Our crew had to deal with the fact that the water was moving very fast, and there was so much of it. The four people were trapped in a cocoon of water, because it was moving over the back of the boat,"
Thankfully everyone was rescued. It is not known yet the condition of the two airlifted. The other two were treated at the scene.
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