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article imageBritish Marines Subjected to Psychological Torture

By bobSP     Apr 7, 2007 in World
From the beginning the 15 Britons were psychologically tortured. From a mock execution at the beginning of the ordeal to solitary confinement, new testimony indicates psychological torture.
The men said the hostages were subjected to "constant psychological pressure" which Lt Carman described as amounting to "torture". While it stopped short of physical abuse, it helps explain their apparent willingness to appear in Iranian propaganda broadcasts before their release on Thursday.
Lieutenant Felix Carman gave a chilling account of what happened in the first 24 hours of their ordeal. The first night, he said, appears to have went well. They were treated nicely and were given food and places to sleep. The following morning is when the psychological abuse began.
They were blindfolded, their hands were bound behind their backs, and they were shoved up against the wall. Then the revolutionary guards' guns were cocked.
"Lads, lads, we're going to be executed - do something." yelled one of the soldiers, another--after hearing what he believed to be a colleague's throat being slash--became physically ill.
"I assumed we were all going to be executed. We were all standing there waiting for it to happen.
"I just thought that was the end of it. It was the only time in my life I really felt scared.
"From there we were rushed into a room and then stuffed into a cell and didn't see another human being for six days."
This was when the marines were given a choice: admit to being in Iranian waters, or face seven years in an Iranian prison.
During the time after the mock execution, Leading Seaman Turney was taken into solitary confinement. Here she was told that the other Britons were taken home and she was the only captive left--she was the only captive left in what she felt was a hostile nation.
After their mock execution, the prisoners were subsequently kept in solitary confinement in stone cells and slept on piles of blankets for a little less than a week.
"The Iranian Navy did not turn up lightly armed. They came with intent, heavy weapons, and very quickly surrounded us. We were not prepared to fight a heavily armed force who it is our impression came out deliberately into Iraqi waters to take us prisoner."
Despite all of the psychological pressure, the men did not apologize:
"At no time did we apologise." He said that they always qualified their statements when interviewed, saying things like "according to the information you have presented to us". It appears these qualifiers were edited out of the versions broadcast.
It appears that the captives were not as well treated as previously believed. While not physically abused, they were subjected to psychological stresses that could be seen as torture. The captors were trying to skew the testimony of the men and woman by giving them misinformation (Turney)...and when they weren't able to get the words they wanted for their propaganda tapes, they simply edited them to make them more fitting.
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