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Two Hockey Goalies Fight It Out (Awesome Video!) and Some NHL Commentary

By Lisa Angotti     Apr 7, 2007 in Sports
A rare sighting! Goalies are generally very far apart from each other on the ice, so it's a very rare to see them beating the pulp out of each other.
Dan Cloutier, Tommy Salo. Two NHL goalies placed on opposite ends of the rink. So how did these two get involved? I'm not sure, but they sure were mad.
Usually fighting is reserved for the resident enforcers on each team, and it's a rare treat for a crowd to see a goalie get into a scrum. Fighting in hockey is generally used to deter another team from taking liberties with star scoring players.
It's a game of retaliation and intimidation, and enforcers are assigned to the job of keeping the peace on the ice. If a goon sees the other team hitting too late, too hard or being particularly nasty with one of his teammates, he'll jump in and stick up for them.
In the case of a goalie fighting another goalie, chances are that a brawl has occurred and multiple players were already involved.
Anaheim Ducks #1 goalie, JS Giguere once infamously went after an Edmonton Oiler after the other player rammed him several times. He seriously lost his cool, causing embarrassment for the entire Anaheim bench. Before that, during his minor league career and as an NHL rookie, Giggy had a hot temper that he eventually was able to control.
We heard about JS long before he came to Anaheim, as we'd always hear about "goalie fights down on the farm" team in Cincinnati. The first time I met him, he told me he was at one time the most penalized goalies. Not necessarily a good thing, but bragging rights none-the-less., "My name is J.S. Giguere," he told us once, "But you can call me Giggy."
Now the Anaheim Ducks are one of the toughest, biggest, and most penalized teams in the NHL. And in recent years, JS has thankfully steered clear of penalties. An analyst favorite at the beginning of the year to win it all,, the Ducks, as of this post, are currently #2 in the Western Conference and #4 in the league. (Hockey Girl anxiously awaits the Playoffs!)
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