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Filipinos Crucify Themselves On Good Friday While Listening To Led Zepplin

By malan     Apr 6, 2007 in World
Every year, Filipino men are nailed to crosses and crucified.The scene has turned into a tourist attraction and this year, before the men are crucified music by Led Zepplin is played.
The crucifixions are all voluntary and are considered to be extreme displays of religious belief. Other Filipino people fast and pray for the weeks leading up to Easter.
The image attached to this article shows seven men who are nailed to wooden crosses with nails the size of pencils and hoisted up into the scorching to suffer. Huge crowds gather to see the crucifixions, over 20,000 gathered in the small village of Cutud.
What used to be a private ritual is now a tourist attraction. The crowds now contain tourists who come to the region just to see the spectacle that people from outside the area consider to be severely extreme and even crazy. Vendors sell beer, ice-cream and souvenir whips and a Led Zepplin song 'Stairway To Heaven' was played before the crucifixions... making the whole thing even weirder.
"I don't like the festivities. It should have been more solemn," said Pauline, a tourist from Poland, but added: "I believe in the sincerity of the volunteers, it was very moving."
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