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Father Showing Toddler How To Use AK-47

By loulou     Apr 5, 2007 in Crime
Shocking video in a pawnshop in Gtretna, Louisiana.
The manager of a pawnshop in Gtretna, Louisiana saw something that he never thought would have crossed his eyes.
A father was looking at the guns and picked a AK-47 and proceeded to show his toddler how to use it.
He even went so far as teaching him how to load the gun and put it around his son shoulders.
Meanwhile he was telling the child that he would buy him
a gun and he could be a soldier and mow down everyone who was in front of him.
That's when Dan Reese drew the line. He confronted the man and ask for the gun back. The man was furious and wanted to fight the manager.
The manager Reese also said that from now on, he'll sell AK-47s only to police officers.
Unfortunately, the sheriff said that he was very concerned but that the man didn't do anything against the law.
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