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Father shows 2-year old son how to use an AK-47

By shally_316     Apr 5, 2007 in Crime
A father was caught showing his 2-year old son how to use an AK-47.
Pawnshop manager Dan Reese was shocked when he saw a father showing his 2-year old son how to hold an AK-47 inside of BJ’s Pawnshop.
Reese overheard the toddler’s father telling his son “This is how you hold it, like this. anybody in front of you, you can move them down. Kill everybody, soldier because daddy’s going to buy you this chopper”.
The stores video camera shows the father and his son walking around the store with the weapon.
Reese finally had enough when he saw the toddler with the weapon around his shoulder.
Reese took the weapon from the toddler and shut the gun case shut.
The toddler’s father got angry with Reese and wanted to fight.
The store owner never got the father’s name but he has decided that he will only sell the AK-47 to police officers.
The father can’t be arrested because he didn’t break any laws.
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