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Loosing Weight From Those Pearly Whites

By Michelle Duffy     Apr 5, 2007 in Health
So here it is, and we thought it could never be done - just when you thought there was nothing between you and a one pound chocolate bar, there is and it's called toothpaste
Diet Aid toothpaste is not just a bad dream, this substance is enough to make you stop snacking, and therefore make you loose weight. Still with me so far?
This miracle toothpaste will 'take the edge' off your appetite, making you consume less and less calories. it also claims that you can lose a pound a week. Still not convinced?
At nearly £6 a tube, it's nothing to be sniffed at yet it claims that it is packed to the screw cap with chromium. No not the stuff that Superman was allergic to, but a certain chemical which has been known for years as a diet suppressant. Yes, those two magical words.
It's nasty stuff and not to be taken lightly. Chromium, will do just about anything to our bodies including regulating metabolism, insulin and blood sugar levels. Pretty clever, and not anything you would like to pick a fight with, so anyone with a sweet tooth, or, for women; has a bad mood every 23 days, as it were, normally has a chromium deficiency.
So, after several weeks of this obsessive tooth brushing every ten minutes, we would start to think that it was all psychological - as one's enamel starts to wear off due to severe brushing more than usual, we find that we are actually spending more time brushing our teeth than actually eating snacks -so that's it! We haven't got time to eat sugary things anymore!
So what do the experts say about this minty miracle? The general train of thought is that it's dodgy.
Top dogs in the UK, The British Dental Health Foundation were frowning and rubbing their chins like shifty garage attendants. They noticed one major flaw in the tantalising tube - it doesn't contain any fluoride. Big mistake here - not to use instead of your usual toothpaste.
"This really does sound very gimmicky," says Dr Nigel Carter, who is the chief executive of the foundation. "We recommend people brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Cutting down how often you have sugary foods can prevent decay and is undoubtedly beneficial for people trying to lose weight."
So there you have it - a gimmick and a con as the experts would say. Just when we thought our prayers had been answered, it appears they haven't.
So, the psychological effect of constantly brushing your teeth actually works, but surely you could use any toothpaste for that and not one that requires a small mortgage. So, okay, it does work, to a point.
So for those of you who have tried it, keeping brushing, you just might find that it's not a pound in weight that you are loosing each week, but a pound out of your purse too....
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