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Australian to live underwater for two weeks

By RobotGod     Apr 5, 2007 in World
An Australian marine biologist on Wednesday began an unusual feat he hopes will prove a point about sustainability -- he will live underwater for two weeks.
Lloyd Godson, 29, believes he can survive inside his airtight steel box by growing algae to produce oxygen and to eat, and by riding a stationary bike to generate electricity. "I've always liked a challenge and I couldn't have picked a bigger one than this," he told ABC radio. "To build and live in your own underwater house -- that's pretty cool."
The box is nine cubic metres on the bottom of a lake near Albury, on the Victoria and New South Wales state border.
The most difficult things will be growing the algae and removing carbon dioxide from the cell's atmosphere. And yes they have backups to make sure that the air quality stays good.
He will be able to surf the internet and he is bringing some drums to keep him occupied.
Very interesting challenge...I hope he doen't go mental...Nasa did similar tests years ago. You have to give him credit for going the extra mile. I wish him well. We could learn some things from this experiment.
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