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Children being robbed of traditional hobbies because of fears over paedophiles

By brown_spongebob     Apr 4, 2007 in Lifestyle
Heavy-handed child protection policies are forcing hobby and sports clubs to ban under-18s and robbing youngsters of traditional childhood pursuits, a report warns.
From model aircraft flying clubs to junior sports teams, coaches and organizations are banning the younger generations from participating due to increased number of paedophilia related news circulating in the world today. Critics claim Britain's excessive and paranoid culture of mollycoddling children and treating all adult volunteers as potential paedophiles is threatening to destroy hobby clubs by driving under-18s away.
"It becomes difficult for young people to take more responsibility for themselves and others when they are deemed helpless victims until they are 18 - and potential abusers thereafter." says Josie Appleton, the author of a report on Child Abuse.
I really do agree with this point because it's true how they are victims until they're 18 and are deemed abusers after that. Not only is that unfair, it also scars a certain weak minded people out there forever.
Mike Tidy, a former BMFA examiner and instructor at a flying club in Surrey, said: "I was informed that I would need to attend a child protection awareness workshop and submit details for a police check, which I think says a lot for the paranoia surrounding this issue.
"After nearly 20 years, I have offered my resignation as a club examiner as I will not submit to any more of this PC stupidity."
And another club instructor said: "I will not have dealings with juveniles or vulnerable adults because of these policies - it's just too much hassle. I go flying for fun, not to be an unpaid social worker."
One club had reluctantly decided to ban all under-18s, for fear of 'street-wise kids' making false allegations against members.
Others now insist that parents must accompany all children, but many are unwilling to spend their weekends at a club.
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