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article imageMagenn Power's MARS Wind Power AnyWhere

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 4, 2007 in Environment
Magenn develops a Wind power system called MARS (Magenn Air Rotor System) that will work anywhere.
Wind Turbines have been handicapped with either being too loud or require a minimum speed or high costs. The new Magenn Power's MARS is a Wind Power Anywhere™ solution and offers significant advantages over other wind turbines in the market and also diesel generating power systems. The advantages being it can be installed anywhere, low costs and better operating performance plus great environmental advantage no emission or wastes.
Magenn Power calls it MARS which is an acronym for Magenn Air Rotor System. MARS is a light weigh turbine tethered to the ground, the turbine rotates about a horizontal axis in response to the wind, generating electrical energy. This energy is transferred down to a 1000 foot tether for immediate use, or can be stored in batteries for later use or connected to the existing power grid. The MARS floats in the air by means of Helium and with slight winds the horizontal cylinder rotates and generates electrical energy.
The main advantage is this MARS can be taken to for greater heights than conventional turbine even more than 1000 feet. MARS rotation captures the energy available in the 600 to 1000 foot level and jet streams in the air, which exists everywhere. So this turbine can installed anywhere and everywhere. MARS rotation also generates the "Magnus effect" which provides additional lift, keeps the MARS stabilized, and positions it within a very controlled and restricted location to adhere to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) & Transport Canada guidelines.
Click here for an animation video.
Compared to the conventional turbine, MARS can be placed anywhere no more special structures are needed or installation necessary to install these turbines. They are highly Mobile and can be rapidly deployed, deflated and redeployed easily. They have low noise pollution and can operate atspeeds from 4 mph to speeds higher than 60 mph.
MARS can complement with a diesel generator by offering a combined diesel and Wind Power, the costs drop below 20 cent per kWH. For a total diesel power, it costs about $0.90 per kWH. The MARS combined solution allows lower pollution and green house gas emissions. It also results in lower handling, transporting, and storage costs.
Some of the target markets for MARS are the following: Developing nations where infrastructure is limited or non existent; off-grid combined wind and diesel solutions for island nations, farms, remote areas, cell towers, exploration equipment, and many more...
This will be a terrific solution for everyone, can be installed anywhere, low cost, less noise pollution, good operating range from wind speeds as low as 4 mph.
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