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Give Three Cheers For The Big Knickers Of Bridget Jones

By Michelle Duffy     Apr 4, 2007 in Lifestyle
Thank goodness, we don't have to go for the skimpy swimwear this year. As summer looms it's ugly hot head, many of us girls cringe at getting out the bits of our bods we would rather keep under cloth
For the first time in years we can thank, wholeheartedly a fashion designer of iconic status. We would normally hide in fear when fashion week hits our nearest city and cower away from high street boutiques. The older we get, the more backed into a corner like a fretful dog do we become. Yet we can give a yelp, a bark or simply a lung shattering yell out loud for the big knickers swim wear is back and in fashion.
Stella McCartney, managed to get her girls to waddle down the catwalk three years ago in big bottomed bikinis which wowed the female audience as the males frowned and tutted like our parents, and here we are yet again. This time, the high streets have followed suit and the other big names in Hollywood have donned the BB's in full force.
The shape of the bikini has been compared with the famous big knickers scene in Bridget Jones, the movie -never was she so much of an icon, or at least, someone we welcomed as an icon. The waists on these babies are high and cover enough bottom to please us all. What has turned out from an amusing scene in a film has now been taken seriously as a fashion accessory.
It has appeared that the fifties look is back in, and certainly for the UK. We only have to cast a glance into a boutique window to find it full to the glass with polka dots and Gingham prints. What Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable wore in the big knicker brigade was sexy then and is sexy again, today..
Designers have been elbowing each other to get to the front with the biggest bikinis drawers they can offer. Michael Kors and Donatella Versace have been top of the list, and we can even jot down the fact that the devil may even have a set too. Yes, even the techno industry from Miuccia Prada has joined the line of covered bottoms.
So now is the time of the starlet and to cover up as much cheek as you can is in.
The only trouble is, is that infamous tan line, but then again, all the most glamorous women back then we're tan-less.
Such is the pain of fashion, staying off the beach and out of the sun, but is probably worth a try....
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