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article imageGiving Up The Ghost Of The Wide Aisled Supermarket Beast

By Michelle Duffy     Apr 4, 2007 in Lifestyle
Many of us are looking forward to Easter for another reason - maybe it's because we can finally get to do all the things we gave up for Lent again
What ever it is; chocolate, drink or even something more drastic, how about giving up something for Easter and sticking to it - like the supermarket for instance?
Yes, you did hear me right, but it is surprising how many greeny, English women are starting to see the advantages of giving up the weekly/monthly shop. We remark on the subject of the supermarket like we are categorising along with cigarettes, but when we live in a world when we wonder if we can trust what it is we are putting on the table each night, the idea of going without the trolley seems ever more appeasing.
We hate food shopping, well, most of us do. We dislike the idea of elbowing each other to get to the potatoes and queuing up for half an hour at the check out, so that is why many of us are choosing to grow our food instead, breathing in the fresh air found only in our own gardens.
Women in the UK are starting to find out magic of the real farmers' market. These can be difficult to find, many only happen once a month and only will be known by farmers' wives.
It is now we start to conjure up an idea in our heads of gaily cycling to the market with a giant wicker basket on the front, and then there's the recipes, many of which are deep inside the pages of counter magazines found at the check out (see, we're heading back to the supermarket again) but then there is the question of time. Who actually gets time these days to spend a few hours a day in the kitchen pretending to be the next Fanny Craddock?
We can start to see the appeal of the supermarket again and it's delightful convenience - we can breeze through the aisles and grab everything off the shelf that we want in an hour what, we could find traipsing around the village market in three hours.
So the advantage is? There isn't one. The supermarkets have us by the 'short and curlies' and that's how it will stay.
We can leave the Gingham dresses and push bikes to the women in Enid Blyton stories......
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