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Eggs will raise your cholesterol

By Jishpar     Apr 4, 2007 in Health
Few tips and questions rises about our diet.
We are asked to stop eating eggs to control cholestrol and we are also asked to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Eating carbs will make you fat. Nutritional advice such as this has been touted for years -- but is it accurate?
Wendy Repovich, an exercise physiologist at Eastern Washington University in Cheyenne, Washington shares her knowledge with us. She says most of them would be in a myth that egg yolks have the most concentrated amount of cholesterol in any food so they asks us to avoid egg but where as she says when eaten in moderation, eggs do not contain enough cholesterol to pose health risks
"Most people avoid eggs and probably if they have any kind of cardiovascular risk their physicians tell them to avoid eggs," Repovich said. "But really, there aren't a whole lot of studies that show that one or two eggs a day really make a difference to cholesterol levels."
She also clarifies our doubt of drinking 8 glasses of water. She says we should compensate water which is gone out through breathing,sweating and urinating. But it is not necessary that we have to drink 8 glasses of water only. Water is gone to our body in many sources of our diet.
"And too much water can be harmful, Repovich warned, leading possibly to an imbalance in the body of sodium, a condition called hyponatremia"
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