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Do You Have A Dominant Eye?

By Bob Ewing     Apr 3, 2007 in Health
The majority of people are right eye dominant.
It is interesting to be part of the majority for a change. I found out that I was right eye dominant when the first floaters appeared in my right eye. I woke up one Sunday morning about five months ago and when I opened my eyes my vision was blurred.
There appeared to be a thin film over my eyes. My first reaction is that my Type II diabetes was the cause. Actually my first reaction as to utter several words that I won't use here.
I closed my left eye and the world was seen through a thin veil, then I opened the left eye and closed the right and the veil was gone.
I called my family doctor Monday morning and asked for an appointment. Three days later, the doctor told me that what I had in my right eye was known as floaters. Floaters are fairly common among people who are getting older. They are annoying but not necessarily harmful. Still if you have what appear to be fine lines that move as you move your eyes then see your doctor ASAP.
The invasion of the floaters started a chain reaction that eventually led me to being diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. The floaters did eventually reduce and while a bit annoying I can see.
During my original visit my family doctor told me that he had never seen floaters that big. My eye doctor said the same. I asked what the prize was but got only a smile.This is one of the aspects of aging that I'd rather not have but it beats being dead. Any day above ground is a good day.
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