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article imageDigital Journal Block Party 2.0

By Bob Norman     Apr 4, 2007 in
Tonight in our chat room the stars of Digital Journal gather to bring down the roof. Join the "A" list and get in on the act! If you just don't get it, scroll to the bottom for the non-wolf translation!
Happy Wednesday boys and girls and welcome to W.O.L.F. radio. I'm your hairy host with the most and I'm here to give you a clue about the hottest party outside of Paris Hilton's pants. Tonight at 9 pm EST the whole Wolf clan will gather in the exclusive DJ chat lounge where we'll all get down with our bad selves. You want to join the party? Of course you do! No fun hearing about it on Entertainment Last Night tomorrow! Well, you just consider this your magic ticket to Wonka land and consider yourself invited to the in-crowd.
..              Party Kitty
.. Party Kitty
What? You don't know how to get to the gig? Be cool my babies, the Wolf will hook you up. Right around 9pm tonight you want to look up at the top of your screen. You see that "My Account" link. Well, just click on that and the magic of Alex will whisk you over to your own private island in the DJ sea! Now, look over on the right hand side. You see that link marked chat? You don't? Try your other right. Better? Good! Now click on that link and sit back and let the Gabby waters wash over you!
If it's your first time down this path you need to set your name. All the cool kats do it. Who wants to just be a number? Numbers can't get down with the wolf folk! So, tell us who the hell you are so we can dig your magnificence. Now your in and the party has really begun.
Not a DJ registered user. Well, get the hell out of here! No, no! I'm sorry. We got a place for you too. Just register on Digital Journal and you can join the party with all of the big names around here.
Get down Bot Boy!
Get down Bot Boy!
Wait! Before the Wolf let's you go, I just have to let you in on a big secret. This party's guest list is the bomb! Everyone who is someone will be there! So far I've heard that people like the Turtle and the Princess will be making an appearance. If the Princess makes the scene than you know Bot Boy won't be far behind her behind. The Grand Poobaa himself, the spiky haired one, will be there in all his pointy little glory. The whole Were' clan will be making the scene including the Bat, the Cat and the Pup! You tell me what club has action like that? The Wolf even heard Mom might stop by to keep an eye on the kiddies.
That's it Litter mates! Tonight at nine we rock the house until the windows shatter. Be there!!!
If you couldn't understand one word I just finished saying, then join the DJ chat room tonight at 9pm and see what the insanity is all about. Good fun, great people and a chance to blow off steam. What's better than that and still legal? Hope to see you!
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