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Blood banks, and now SKIN banks....

By indianpedi     Apr 2, 2007 in Health
Severely burnt patients need skin transplants to save their lives.
Very few people know of this, so there are very few facilities or centres which have skin banks.
Skin can be harvested from any a 'fresh' cadaver or a brain-dead patient.
In order to prevent visible desecration of the body, the skin is usually harvested only from the thighs and trunk of a person and these parts are then bandaged up as aethetically as possible.
Large tracts of skin are needed to cover burnt areas in severe cases.
Luckily, most transplants survive and 'take', there being very few rejections.
However, Doctors moan that there is very little skin available for transplant as there are hardly any donors.
The shelf life of harvested skin is about six months, on an average.
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