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Marilyn Monroe or Einstein? Amazing Optical Illusion

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 2, 2007 in Lifestyle
Amazing picture of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein embedded in one.
This is an incredible picture, just watch this picture you can see both Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein.
Just watch closely you will see Albert Einstein. And move a few feet way from the screen you will see Marilyn Monroe, the mustache seems to disappear and appear as Monroe's lips.
They call this hybrid images, not just a trick illusion. They use this sort of image as a tool to understand how our brains process visual scenes.
Here is another picture from MIT and a definition of what this hybrid message is:
Hybrid images change interpretation as a function of viewing distance. In the example above, you might think that these people are sad. But ask someone to tell you what the expressions are while she sees the picture from a few meters away.
If you move away from this picture you will see a different facial expression.
The third picture below shows how the principle works in one picture. As one moves further away the emotion changes from normal to angry.
They have more pictures in the MIT site and papers how this technique is done.
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