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Home Grown Breasts are now Here

By Leah     Apr 1, 2007 in Health
Here it is ladies. Bigger boobs WITHOUT the implants! Have the fat transfered from other places!!
I was hoping one day this might be possible! They are claiming they can now do breast enlargements with sucking the fat out of other places and putting it into your boobs!!! HALLELUJAH!!
"The Cellport Clinic is taunting its one-of-a-kind Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer (or CAL for short) soft- tissue augmentation operation -- which is being hailed by many as the safest method to date for those women looking to have breast implants."
What woman wouldn't want this??!!!
"Cell Assisted Lipotransfer uses the patients own soft tissue and adipose-derived stem cells . In layman's terms, in the CAL soft tissue augmentation operation, fat is suctioned from thigh or abdomen and transplanted together with adipose-derived stem cells into breasts, face, or buttocks without leaving wide scars."
I had to copy and paste some of it so you could actually understand how they do it. There was no other way to describe it.
This seems to be a much safer way to enhance one self. I always made the joke when they figured out how to take the fat from other areas and put it in my boobs, I'd do it!!! LOL
So, DJ staff.......I would do this if you pay, and then report on it for ya!!! LOL......It would be a great story!!!
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