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article imageMaking it work; Earning $1 a day

By Sarawanan Ravindran     Apr 1, 2007 in World
Families around the world are making use of $1 a day. It is really hard for them, but at the end they prevail.
A shocking fact is that in 1981, 40% of the world population lived with less than $1 a day. In 2001 the figure improved to 21% and it is expected that the percentage will drop to 15% by 2015. While this is an improvement, it still means that millions of people are struggling. These figures were given by the World Bank.
These people usually work many hours a day while earning at most $! a day. This is probably shocking to us Canadians and Americans who are used to minimum wage raging from $6-$11/hour. However, we still have to take into account the difference between the cost of commonities in North America and these "very poor" countries.
However, some are able to make things work with this very low income. On typical a family would use 2/3 on food. The remaining 1/3 would be spent on things like shelter, education, healthcare. They will often save up their money for purchases like this.
It really is depressing to see these figures, but it is good to see that the money is being used well, for the most part. By looking at the figures mentioned early, there is still hope for these people.
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