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Riches Await As Earth's Icy North Melts

By sibananda     Apr 1, 2007 in Environment
Due to global warming icy Antarctic is melting exposing new land and new sea routes. The vast reserve of natural mineral till untapped due to harsh climatic conditions has become a talk around the globe. A race has started among nations to claim it's quot
An international race has started for fish,oil,diamonds and shipping route's as ice has started melting at the north antarctic accelerated by earth's global warming.The antarctic was inaccessible for a long time due to its harsh climatic conditions.The melting of ice is accelerated by green house effect so
time saving sea routes and potential oil and gas reserve are coming up fast.
U.S geological survey estimates that 25% of world's undiscovered oil and gas reserve are in the Antarctica and potential of minerals available there is $2 trillion.
Despite bitter climatic conditions Norwegian and Russian companies have been doing exploration for gas and oil.The new sea routes which are opening up due to melting of snow which will reduce the time and cost of sea voyages by more than 50% so bordering countries like Canada and Denmark have started claiming for newly uncovered land.
Just a few years ago, reports said it would take 100 years for the ice to melt, but recent studies say it could happen in 10-15 years, and the United States, Canada, Russia, Denmark and Norway have been rushing to stake their claims in the Arctic.
Also fishes from coastal areas of nearby countries are making the newly uncovered more cool water as their new breeding ground there by the fishing industry of those countries are at risk.Those countries have started claiming those new home of fishes to save their fishing trade.
"Even though they say it is about fish, it is really about oil,'' said Jensen, the consultant in Hammerfest.
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