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article imageNew Gum Could Take the Sweet Out of Sweets

By kml     Mar 31, 2007 in Health
Sugarest claims to numb taste buds so that treats like cupcakes, candy, and cookies cease to tempt. But can it actually stop a sweet tooth?
There is going to be a new invention which helps dieters deny dessert by changing the way sweet foods taste. A gum which is called sugarest will numb the sweetness for a time being.
"If you try to eat anything sweet, you just cannot taste it at all. Your receptor cells on your tongue are blocked," explained George Kontonotas, president of Genotec, the maker of Sugarest.
This is marketed by name of "instant will power". the idea being that if there's no reward for eating — the taste — there'll be no desire to eat.
"The truth of the matter is a lot of us can't say no to that all the time," Kontonotas said. "And if you are that type of individual, you can't say no, maybe this is a viable solution for that dilemma."
The actual ingredent in this is a herb called gymnema sylvestre.
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