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article imageOP/ED An Easy Way To Explain The Concept Of Gravity

By RobotGod     Mar 31, 2007 in Technology
So easy, a caveman can do it...
I once heard someone explain gravity in terms that anyone can understand the concept very easily. I was thinking about this the other night and thought I would share it with you.
Now most of us think that gravity kind of surrounds the earth and pulls everything down toward the center of the planet...Actually, gravity is a bend in space right next to the planet...
Here it is...impress your kids...your dog...whatever...Take a small trampoline...put a bowling ball on it...The bowling ball is the Earth, the trampoline is the gravity bend in space.
Now take some marbles...set them down on the trampoline...They roll down and are drawn to the bowling ball or "Earth"...The marbles represent us..
Now make the trampoline material invisible...That is gravity...
Cool no?
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