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Oscars For Sale: Buy One at a Garage Sale

By Lisa Angotti     Mar 31, 2007 in Entertainment
Owning your very own Oscar may not be as difficult as you thought. And just think how you could impress your friends!
You dreamed of the day, you've practiced your acceptance speech, and you're ready to provide a loving home the deserving Oscar needs.
But if your acting classes don't pan out, your next option might be to purchase the golden statuette from a garage sale or auction for around $17,000 to $150,000. Trust me,your friends will never know.
Don't believe me? The LA Times recently ran an article on the discovery of an Oscar at a garage sale in Hollywood. The price? Just $150,000. Seems like a good deal since I would think one would be priceless. No takers yet, however.
The garage sale goody was none other than a real Oscar, won by Joseph Schidkraut in 1937 for his role in "The Life of Emile Zola."
If you missed buying that one, don't worry. An Ebay seller claims to have one for sale for $75,000 that belonged to Ethel Barrymore for her 1944 role in "None But the Lonely Heart." It remains to be seen whether this one is for real, but the seller claims it is and she has documents to prove it. (Go to Ebay, punch in the search engine this number: 180099479388). I'm a little concerned because this one ends on April 1. April Fools anyone?
Probably a better place to buy from is Profiles in History, a reputable auctioneer who has for sale pn an Ebay Live Auction a 1941 Oscar for best special effects for "I Wanted Wings." It's going to go for an estimated $20,000 to $30,000, which doesn't seem like a bad deal at all.
But the academy officials really don't want their Oscars on on the auction block or anywhere else they don't belong. Since the 50s, recipients must sign an agreement that states that the academy has first rights to purchase the Oscar back for $1.00
Even so, Oscars from before 1950 seem to be fair game. Michael Jackson once paid $1.54 million for the 1939 "Gone With the Wind" Oscar awarded for Best Picture. Steven Speilberg has purchased several Oscars and returned them to the academy. (What a guy!)
So you see, if you have the means, I guess you can purchase pretty much anything and make your dreams come true. But, you might have to post a LOT of stories on Digital Journal to get there.
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