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Homeless Awarded $45,000 For Sleeping Next To Feces

By geozone     Mar 30, 2007 in Lifestyle
Last November, three homeless men in the city of Las Vegas were arrested and charged with sleeping next to human feces.
The feces in question was over 200 feet away and the homeless men were not even aware of its presence. Moreover, there is no city ordinance against sleeping next to feces.
Said one of the homeless arrested: "The constitution says we have all inalienable rights. And I'm entitled to those same rights." As to the feces, he commented: "I didn't even know it was there. Was I supposed to go around searching for it?"
He claimed the Las Vegas City Marshals made the arrest because he and the other two men were homeless.
The three men filed suit against the city over the charges and have just been awarded a settlement in the amount of $45,000. The City of Las Vegas deemed that a suitable compensation for what the wrongful arrest put them through.
An attorney for the ACLU said: "The City has taken the wrong tactic by criminalizing homelessness." The civil rights of these three men were violated when they were arrested.
Brent Bryson served as the legal representative for the three men. He commented on the settlement saying: "This quick money to them represents an ability to get back on their feet. They can purchase a used car, if they so desire. They can get an apartment."
Bryson originally asked for $2 million in the lawsuit but later decided a quick settlement would allow his clients to receive the money sooner. He also claims he "substantially discounted" his normal rates for "a case of this nature."
However, of the $45,000 settlement, Bryson has pocketed $15,000, leaving his clients with $10,000 each. One of the homeless in the suit said he is happy with any amount. He intends to use the money to get an apartment and join the labor union.
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