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10 Year Olds Beat Homeless Man With Concrete Block To Face

By Pamela Jean     Mar 30, 2007 in Crime
The violent seem to be getting younger and younger. Two 10 Year Old Boys, Together With a 17 Year Old Friend Have Been Charged With Beating a Homeless Man - Smashing His Face With A Concrete Block
Hospitalized, suffering from bruises and broken bones, John D'Amico, 57, a homeless man who worked as a day laborer described what had happened to him on Tuesday evening.
He was walking through a Daytona Beach neighborhood with a friend just before 9 p.m. when he was approached by 3 children on bicycles. They began taunting him and calling him names. The harassment became physical when the boys, Two 10 year olds and a 17 year old, started throwing sand and rocks at the man.
The boys then got off of their bikes and the rocks being thrown started getting bigger and bigger. The oldest boy then approached him, violently punching him in the face. The blow caused D'Amico to lose his balance and fall into a concrete block wall, which crumbled under his weight. The 10 year olds then slammed a piece of concrete block into John's face!
"It happened so quickly and they were so small," D'Amico said.
The 3 children were ordered to appear in Court Wednesday. The Department of Children & Families could not comment on whether the parents of the youth would be investigated for lack of parental supervision.
There were no parents present when the boys met with the Judge in the case, although a police report confirms that the parents were notified of the arrests.
What is going on here? 10 year olds are brutal enough to smash a man in the face with a concrete block? And then, they arrive in court unaccompanied by a parent? Who are these kids and what kind of home do they come from is my question........
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