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article imageMany planets may have double suns

By Bharvi     Mar 30, 2007 in Technology
The dual suns that rise and set over Luke Skywalker's homeworld in the film Star Wars may be more than just fantasy, according to data from Nasa.
Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope identified that planetary systems are as common around double stars because they make a round around single stars like sun makes round itself. A similar classic scene was shown in the 1977 movie, the hero gazes into the distance as two yellow suns set on the horizon.
"We knew the stars would be there, the question was whether there was a planet to be the place where you could stand and see these sunsets," said Karl Stapelfeldt, a scientist at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California
They had made a research to find out the dusty discs from the debris of planet formation.
There is a expection that the stars would be circled by dusty disc more than one. So, this would result in sunsets similar to the one depicted on the fictional desert world of Tatooine in Star Wars: Episode IV
What ever is said would be just imagination but nothing can be concluded by the astrologists because they say "you could play with the geometry, put a planet there, get the temperatures right and make it look just like [Tatooine]."
Again this is confusion for all of us.
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