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Ebay Pirate Gets 27 Months for Selling $700,000 in Counterfeit Software

By reviewer     Mar 29, 2007 in Internet
Indiana man makes over $4000 on over 32 eBay auction listings, fake labels and all, for software worth much more.
Courtney Smith of Indiana pled guilty yesterday to criminal copyright infringement charges, and received a 27-month sentence, plus fines, and probation.
His arrest resulted out of an FBI investigation led on by more aggressive Department of Justice initiatives on fighting piracy on online auctions such as eBay.
Smith originally admitted to prosecutors he was aware that it was illegal to sell copyrighted software and also informed them he was making the labels to attach to the counterfeits. (Bragging?)
The original copies Smith purchased was pirated on eBay, and he made over $4000 total for corporate management software valued at $900 to $11,000 each.
This comes on the heels of a pirate ring bust for the sales of selling thousands of DVDs via
UK eBay is now teaming up with the Federation of Copyright Theft, on
We may see similar changes to the U.S. eBay site.
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