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article imageTeaching the Bible in Public Schools

By Sheba     Mar 30, 2007 in Lifestyle
“Why We Should Teach the Bible in Public School.” Has anyone seen the Time's headline? The cover story reveals how popular Bible literacy classes have become—and why almost no one is complaining about them.
Well apparently this is not a debate anymore. This may surprise the Bible Bashers but apparently wiser heads have prevailed and the light of day is beginning to break on the minds of those who have been closed to The Book.
In fact, according to the Times article more and more public schools are offering Bible classes.
Two Bible curricula are now being studied in 460 school districts in thirty-seven states. Thousands of other districts have expressed interest in them.
So how are these schools getting away with this? Are they breaking the law? Are they doing something unconstitutional? Hardly. The Supreme Court years ago said, if the Bible is taught, it must be “presented objectively as part of a secular program of education.” So The Bible Literacy Project set out to do just that.
About eighteen months ago the Project unveiled a new high school text book titled, The Bible and Its Influence.
It looks at the Bible as literature and helps kids understand its impact on literature, the arts, and history.
Great care has been taken to create a textbook that avoids favoring any canon or doctrine. It’s also been approved by constitutional scholars.
After observing Bible literacy classes in public schools, Time’s excellent religion writer David Van Biema writes, “I could find little to object to here and much to admire.”
As any honest person in North America would admit, the influence of the Bible on Western culture is so deeply entrenched that without some knowledge of The Book, it is impossible to understand and make sense of one's world.
Educators have long been saying that without the Bible's teachings one cannot have a good education. As someone who teaches the Bible I agree with what teachers have been saying all along. Some of you here on DJ may have seen me saying that people are perishing because of a lack of knowledge of God's Word. It is true.
Professors at Yale, Harvard, and Princeton say: "students need to know the Bible."
High school teachers say Bible knowledge is crucial to a good education.
And this website offers more in dept information on The Bible's influence in America. From its Judicial System to its Social System, from Christianity's influence in Education to the Family Unit. From the Market Place to Culture and Traditions, to even Animal Rights and Ecology. If you scroll to the very bottom of the page you'll see an impressive list of PREAMBLES TO STATE CONSTITUTIONS BASED ON THE BIBLE'S INFLUENCE for the 50 states.
And finally, do not think for one single moment that the terrorists do not know the influence of Christianity upon the West. It is for this very reason that they call America a Christian nation. The terrorists know what atheist and other non-Christian Americans refuse to acknowledge.
Yet they (non-Christians) are fighting tooth and nail to have every single last trace of Christianity stamped out of America. As if that will make the terrorists their allies!
And those of you who call yourselves Christians and fornicate and get drunk. You have given the terrorists reason to declare war upon America (and the rest of the world really) for they have said this "Christian nation" is a nation of drunks and fornicators. Are they very far off from the truth really?
Some sobering points to ponder in these last days. I heard on the radio yesterday, someone commenting that the next president America chooses will be crusial for those next four years. I couldn't agree more. Where are we heading and where would we like to go?
I know I'm a Canadian but I have family in the States so believe you me, what affects y'all there affects me personally and publicly obviously as we (Canada) are your next door neighbour, next of kin even.
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