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Cruises Gone Wild

By Leah     Mar 29, 2007 in Lifestyle
Recent incidents of passengers falling overboard, mysteriously disappearing, falling victim to crime and abusing alcohol have made the cruise experience seem more murky than placid.
Have cruise ships lost their relaxing atmosphere??? Are the passengers at risk with out of control drinking??
"Earlier this week, a man and woman fell from their Princess cruise ship balcony into waters off the coast of Texas. Before that, in early March, Michael Menckmyer plunged 60 feet into the dark abyss of the Caribbean after drinking too much."
There have been more and more reports of people falling overboard, or people going missing. How safe are cruises really??
Terry Riley, cognitive psychologist and author of "Travel Can Be Murder: The Business Traveler's Guide to Personal Safety," believes that because of the sense of safety cruises provide, people onboard sometimes let themselves go a little too wild.
"They tend to feel secure because they're thinking, 'I'm not in a foreign country where all those other people are,' so they think they can relax," he said.
Because of this false sense of security, cruise passengers often make themselves susceptible to crime.
"They think, 'I'm around the pool, it's OK. I can leave my stuff here, because where's somebody going to escape to?' And they might not even notice how things are gone until they get home," Riley said.
Drinking only exacerbates that line of thinking. When alcohol is thrown into the mix, people are prone to make bad decisions — like imbibing on a balcony floating 60 feet above the ocean.
It is scary to think about it, but it is reality, I think I might have thought the same thing...where can they escape to?? But in all reality, they could get so much more than you realize, especially if your room key is in your purse. I am sure that is how most women are raped too.
I have never been on a cruise, but I know people that have and they said they loved it. But it is scary to hear these stories on the tv and think, this could possibly happen to me, or someone I love and know. And then it is their word against yours! How do you win??
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