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This little piggy went to the market........

By Leah     Mar 29, 2007 in Lifestyle
A man who has a foot fetish was caught videotaping women's feet at a library in California.
Ok, if you have a foot fetish, can't you just sit and watch, why videotape and make people feel uncomfortable?
At least he wasn't doing other things. Not saying by any means I wouldn't be creeped out by this guy, but we all know there could have been worse things he could have done!
It is not illegal to videotape feet, so he was not arrested. He was at the Science Library at the U of C campus in Santa Cruz, California. He was banned form the campus for 2 weeks. Just wondering how they came up with 2 weeks??
Maybe he was doing some sort of research on feet or something.....maybe it is part of a project...who knows. Creepy!
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