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article imageMammal rise 'not linked' to dinos

By Bharvi     Mar 29, 2007 in Technology
According to a study it is known that the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago had little effect on the evolution of mammals
There was a debate with this issue. One theory suggests the disappearance of dinosaurs is the link with mammals. The evidence challenging the connection comes from the most complete family tree compiled for mammals.
By an international study the when dinosaurs walked the Earth, mammals were relatively few in number, and were prevented from diversifying and evolving in ecosystems dominated by the ancient reptiles
"There was a period of several million years at the end of this period which witnessed several extinctions of non-avian dinosaurs. So the old textbook idea that at the K-T boundary dinosaurs disappeared and mammals appeared is a bit of a straw man."
But till today there is no exact theory of this but only controversy happens to be seen.
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