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Google's Online Translator

By Kyle Pallanik     Mar 28, 2007 in Technology
Google's new innovative translator will use machine logic, not linguistic grammar to instantly translate documents into the world's main languages.
The company continues to try new things and this approach to translation is no different. The idea is to feed documents that humans have already translated into two pre-determined languages into computers, to let them figure out the patterns.
Frank Och, who is heading the project described the technique "Some people that are in machine translations for a long time and then see our Arabic-English output, then they say, 'That's amazing, that's a breakthrough"
"And then other people who have never seen what machine translation was ... they read through the sentence and they say, the first mistake here in line five — it doesn't seem to work because there is a mistake there."
The results will not be perfect, but may offer a quick way of getting a translation, that would be useful in many situations.
According to Och, the system gets smarter with hundreds of millions of lines of translated text fed to it in parallel, from sources such as European Union and United Nations documents.
The program also applies statistical analysis to avoid translation problems that would affect the sensitivities of a language, such as the use of the word 'Fuehrer' in German, which has negative connotations because of it's association with Adolf Hitler.
So far Google offers translations between English and other languages including Arabic, Chinese and Russian, using it's machine logic techniques at the following web address [url=]
This is great technology and certainly has it's place, but a big part of learning a language is understanding the culture that it comes from.
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