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Children to face criminal checks

By shally_316     Mar 28, 2007 in Crime
Tony Blair wants children to get DNA test to see if they will become criminals or not.
Tony Blair plans to make all children get DNA tests to see if they are at risks of turning into criminals.
Children would get checked at important stages in their live usually when they move from primary to secondary school because that's when children start getting into trouble with the law.
The law right now only requires criminals to give a sample of their DNA even if they haven't been charged or acquitted.
Now the government wants children to get checked before entering secondary school to see which children are at risks of becoming offenders.
Blair also plans to include publishing efficiency data on the courts for the first time and extend the police's ability to take away non-cash items found with criminals such as TVs, jewellery & laptops.
David Davis feels "They should realize that they cannot put right in two months what they have got wrong over 10 years."
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