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'smart' sunglasses change colour on demand

By shally_316     Mar 28, 2007 in Technology
'Smart' sunglasses allows the person wearing them to change the colour of the lenses by turning a knob.
A new type of fashion statement is about to begin.
The chemists at the University of Washington have developed a new kind of sunglasses that allows the wearer to change the colour of the lenses by simply turning a knob.
Polymer chemistry allows the sunglasses to instantly change the lens colour to any colour in the rainbow which is pretty cool.
So far chemical engineer Chunye Xu has been able to turn the lens from clear to blue, and different shades in between.
Right now the lenses look like a pair of laboratory goggles but when their completely finished they will be the size and shape of normal sunglasses.
The 'smart' glasses will be out in one or two years and will cost no more than the price of regular sunglasses. Chunye Xu is also working on multi-coloured devices.
The lenses will contain a special kind of electrochromic polymer that can change levels of darkness in the dark.
"The current comes from a tiny battery."
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