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For Real, Breaking News

By EvilFury     Mar 28, 2007 in Lifestyle
I thought financial freedom was just around the corner. I thought I had found the perfect way to enjoy a hobby while making money at the same time.
Truly, this seemed to be the perfect vehicle for me, and my literary foolishness. I noted that I had earned a cool eleven cents, and was sure by the time I got home I would have several thousand dollars, or at least pesos.
Imagine my horror and outrage when I logged on to find my account has been depleted!!!
DigitalJournal hath given, and DigitalJournal hath taken away.
I can always resume my career as a plasma donor.
But, I need to know one thing:
Is it possible that my writing is so bad, and so offensive, that I might potentially OWE money here? Might I receive a bill, to be paid in full within ten working days?
Might that unpaid bill go to collections upon my refusal to pay it??
Might that collections show up on my credit, smearing an otherwise perfect credit score?
(chuckles to self about the imaginary perfect credit score)
In essense, could this little adventure be ruining my life and future?
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