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Topless Twins Took Pics With 5-Year-Old Boy ... Charges Laid

By Carolyn E. Price     Mar 28, 2007 in Crime
'Creepy' case of twins taking topless pictures in front of, and possibly with the participation of, a 5-year-old child.
Twin sisters were charged with disorderly conduct on Tuesday after taking topless photos in front of a 5-year-old boy. Pam and Penny Crane, 29, are accused of taking pictures of themselves topless, in front of a child who is a relative of theirs.
The women were wearing thong underwear and hosiery, while the 5-year-old appeared in some of the photos and may have snapped one of the two sisters topless, Lt. Jeff Johnston said.
"Why they would take those pictures, I have no idea," said Sheboygan County district attorney Joe DeCecco, who called the case creepy. "But then to go one step further and to be exposing their breasts to the child and buttocks to the child."
How did this all come to light? The twins took the disposable camera in to get it developed and the drug store turned the photos over police after see what was on the film.
Pam Crane says that yes, she did take a 'sexy' photo of herself to send to her boyfriend, but she denies that she and her sister were topless. "I took one sexy picture to send my boyfriend, he's in Vegas," Crane said. "None of us were topless."
However, authorities are saying that the sisters wouldn't have been charged if they didn't have the pictures.
Police say that the sisters never forced the child to touch them in an inappropriate manner but they did notify the Department of Social Services of the situation.
I'm sorry, but they can deny all they want. I'm sure that a drug store employee wouldn't call the cops over a provocative pose of a woman. Somehow, they got the child involved in their little scheme and that is truly disgusting.
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