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article imageInsomnia increases risk of accidents

By Bharvi     Mar 28, 2007 in Health
According to recent 2007 "Sleep in America" poll, 70 per cent of American women are not getting enough sleep
According to a study this is a global problem. When specifically speaking about Indian cities like Mumbai and Delhi due to stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules and the related psychological problems. An one more major point is the call center culture working for 24/7.
Dr A.B. Shah, neurologist at Mumbai’s Bombay Hospital says, "An Insomniac is anybody who has a subjective feeling of lack of proper sleep. The condition is described as an illness if it persists for one month." It is a subjective feeling because there are people who sleep for only four hours a day, but still function normally. It is to do with the natural physiology of sleep cycle.
It is been told a normal man needs 6 - 7 hours of sleep every day, where as a new born baby sleeps for 22 hours and a senior citizen only 3-4 hours. Insomnia occures due to few common reason which include tiredness, headache, reduced concentration, daytime fatigue, mood changes and memory lapses.
If this is not solved out it leads to risk of accidents, loss of productivity. Those with insomnia are three to five times more prone to accidents in general, and two and half times more in case of motor vehicle accidents.
Inappropriate self-medication for insomnia may cause more problem in the long run and therefore needs proper medical consultation and intervention.
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