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article imageThe Da Vinci Code Proved to be the Unique Work We Had Always Thought

By Michelle Duffy     Mar 28, 2007 in World
Success for the most controversial book ever written, The Da Vinci Code is declared a unique piece of writing according to the Court of Appeal in London
The author, Dan Brown, of the sensationalistic book from 2003 which sold 40 million copies, has been proven in the High Court not to have gathered ideas from any other previous work.
Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, had claimed that there were significant duplicated themes from their book, 'Holy Blood and the Holy Grail' which were also found in The Da Vinci Code. The pair now face the legal bill of £3 million.
Both Baigent and Leigh decided to appeal against the High Court decision of last year, in April 2006, when it was decided that Dan Brown had not committed any copyright infringement. Despite this, the authors still kept to their original claim at the recent appeal.
The general theme which was at the point of the argument was that both books, both best sellers, worked on the same theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child together and by this, created the Holy bloodline.
The book, 'Holy Blood and the Holy Grail,' which was published in 1982 only sold 2 million copies. It's authors were, today, said to be very disappointed with the outcome.
"We believed, and still do, that non-fiction authors would suffer and be discouraged from extensive research if it was found that any author could take an other's ideas, 'morph' and repackage them, then sell them on," they said.
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