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Kathy Sierra Quits Blogging After Several Death Threats.

By timmack     Mar 28, 2007 in World
If you're faint of heart, it would be best to read no further. Because this story just may send chills up and down your spine.
I like to report fun and amusing stories whenever I can. But in the real world, you have to report, the good with the bad. This is a very sad story, but, yet someone has to tell it.
I just read Kathy Sierra's account of why she has quit blogging. And of course, I linked her blog page as the source of this story, so that all could read the reasons she quit blogging, in her own words.
But, I warn you, it will scare the hell out of you. And there is a threatening picture in the story that Kathy Sierra included, that's from the person making death threats.
She's also listed the ip of the person making the death threats. But if the threatening blogger made the death threats from a public computer, then, the ip may be to no avail.
I know a lot of people will advise Kathy Sierra to ignore the death threats and just keep on blogging. But as a blogger, you are really out there and all alone. And until this person is caught, I think she's doing the smartest thing.
While it's wonderful that the blogging world is an open platform and that people are able to make comments, that same platform can also be abused, and in Kathy Sierra's case, has been used as a conduit for death threats.
It would be a shame if bloggers started to close their comment boards to the public, for fear of death threats and the like. But, I would suggest, that it would be at least prudent for bloggers to require emails from people making comments that can be verified.
I hope that the person threatening Kathy Sierra, will be soon found, and that Kathy will be back blogging again soon.
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