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Toddler found high on coke at preschool

By shally_316     Mar 27, 2007 in Health
A toddler has been found with cocaine in her system at preschool but no one knows where the cocaine came from.
A toddler 18-24 months old had to be treated by doctors after cocaine was found in her system.
Staff at the Promise Land preschool at the first Baptist church said the girl was acting funny. She wasn't eating her food and she was unsteady on her feet.
The girls parents and the staff at the church all tested negative for cocaine.
The girls parents said she was fine when she went to school.
The only way for the girl to have gotten the cocaine in her system is if a parent dropped their kid off at the church and accidentally dropped the cocaine out of their pocket without even realizing it.
The information from the case will be sent to the detectives that investigate child abuse.
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