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iPods Help Doctors Recognize Heart Problems

By sibananda     Mar 27, 2007 in Health
Doctor's use stethoscope to listen to the heart beats. But it has been found that the diagnosis by using stethoscope is only 40% correct.Use of ipods help doctors to recognise heart problem properly and make diagnosis 80% correct.
Doctor's use stethoscope to listen to the heart sounds but previous research has found out that average correct heart sound identification is only 40% correct.
Doctor's can improve to their stethoscope skills and identification of heart sounds by listening through ipods so that they can properly diagnose heart problems. The correct identification rate of heart sounds improved from 40% to 80% by using ipod.
Proficiency with a stethoscope—and the ability to recognize abnormal heart sounds—is a critical skill for identifying dangerous heart conditions and minimizing dependence on expensive medical tests, said lead researcher Dr. Michael Barrett, clinical associate professor of medicine and cardiologist at Temple University School of Medicine and Hospital. "It's important to know when to order a costly echo-cardiogram or stress test," Barrett said.
According to Barrett it is not too easy to diagnose a heart problem theoretically. Heart problems is best learned through intensive drilling and repetition.
He presented the findings on 25th march at the American College of Cardiology's annual meeting.
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