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Restrictions At School

By acidreflux000     Mar 27, 2007 in
The things you do and get away with.
If you're in school, then you are familiar with your school policy and how the administration is.
Just how much do you get away with at school? At my school, we are very limited but in a way we get away with a lot more then they imagine is going on.
Here is just a small list of the some of the things we are not allowed to do at our school:
- We are not allowed to have mustaches or beards or any kind of facial hair.
- We are not allowed to wear chains on our wallets
- We are not allowed to wear certain brands of clothes
- We are not allowed to wear all one color
- We are not allowed to access any website except our school's homepage and maybe yahoo to do research on what poor educational websites they don't filter out.
- We are not allowed to draw anything involving violence or anything vulgar. (for example, I drew my mom's hand and it had a lot of veins in it, and it came out very good. But when I presented it, it was unacceptable because it was obscene.)
- We can't have white out
- We can't change the color of our hair unless it's something unnoticeable. (if I had brown hair and dyed it red, I would get sent home and would have to dye it black or back to brown.)
Those are just some of the many policies they have here. Some of them aren't as reasonable as others and others are just unnecessary. What kind of restrictions does your school?
This is a public school mind you and yes the administration can put any kind of restrictions they want. The only thing you can do is comply.
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