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UN Watch President: UN is corrupt, provides little support for Human rights

By bobSP     Mar 26, 2007 in World
Upset with the apparent hypocrisy and ineffectual nature of the UN when handling Human Rights, the UN Watch President--Hillel Neuer--unloads on the UN Human Rights Council.
The man definitely makes some strong points--the murder of Hamas' political opponents' children a few months ago was particularly disturbing (this is what set off the renewed tensions between Hamas and the Fatah political groups in Palestine). The lack of action by the UN on the Darfur situation--a genocide in every sense of the term. The ignoring of the murder of Chechnyan Muslims...the list goes on.
While Israel is most definitely not innocent, it does raise some eyebrows that nothing has been done on these numerous other cases..not even the pointless resolutions (can anyone say toothless?).
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