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Girl lied about abduction attempt

By xyruzmyboy     Mar 26, 2007 in Crime
girl lied to police about abduction attempt. Now, she is in danger for what she did!
An 11 year old girl who come late to school told police that a mad tried to grab her. The police didn't identified the girl because she is still a minor. The girl was towards the bus stop and then she realized that she forgot to bring her lunch. she went back home to get it and when she get back at the bus, the bus left already, she came left to school and told mom that a man tried to grab her.
The real story jumped off when the police trying to ask her questions. The police says that they will not prosecute the girl because she is still a minor.
My comment:
I know the reason why she lied because she was late to school. Maybe she don't want to be late so she realize to give a valid reason. But first of all, why do the parents of this girl let her go alone to school? She is still 11 and she is going alone to the bus. Good for her that she is not prosecuted. The parents must face this because it is their fault not the girl!
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