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Pizza boxes to carry Deadbeat mug shots

By Leah     Mar 26, 2007 in Crime
Customers at some suburban pizza parlors are getting something extra with their pepperoni and mushrooms—wanted posters for parents accused of failing to pay child support.
Ok, so I know a few of you know I am dealing with a deadbeat myself, and what a huge issue this is for me. What a GREAT idea this is. They should be posted everywhere and anywhere. People should know their face.
The idea came to Cynthia Brown, executive director of the Butler County Child Enforcement Agency, while she was ordering pizza. "It suddenly dawned on me that most people running from the law don't eat out, they order pizza," said Brown, whose county is north of Cincinnati.
What an amazing idea. State child support agencies collected more than $23 billion in child support for 17.2 million children in 2005, but the cumulative past-due child support since the agencies were first formed more than 30 years ago is $106 billion, Cullen said.
I know in Michigan, Attorney General Mike Cox has helped a lot of us get our back pay from these deadbeats. He has cracked down hard of them. The guy I am dealing with has been put in jail 3 times, and is going for #4. He owns a nightclub in Windsor, and doesn't pay. I am sure he has the money.
I 100% support this idea, and hope it is going to take off everywhere!!! Be sure to look on your pizza boxes, you might know someone!
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